Broad City Star, Abbi Jacobson, Releases New Book Illustrating Contents Of Celebrities’ Bags


Ever wonder what’s inside Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah’s bags? Now you don’t have to, because Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson hilariously drew what we’ve always imagined in a playful and colorful illustration book titled Carry this Book.

"Carry this Book" (Penguin Random House,) released last week, follows "Color this Book: New York," and "Color this Book: San Francisco," two illustrated coloring books highlighting key landmarks and tourist attractions about the cities.

“It’s always been fascinating to me how people pack their stuff and what they carry around with them,” Jacobson told People Magazine. “Even with your friends you’re like, well, let me see what’s in here. Medicine cabinets, too. Everyone’s interested in these secret worlds we have,” she said.

Some of her illustrations include: Donald Trump’s briefcase containing huge gloves (obviously for show), countless bottles of self tanner, and a copy of “Building Walls for Dummies.” Oprah carries stacks of money, a spare gift to hide under someone’s chair, and a “daily surprise” car key floating around her purse. And Hillary Clinton’s purse contains a metrocard- poking fun at the fact that she couldn’t get through the subway turnstile- and a history textbook for reference.

“It was a mix of people that I really admired and people whom I wanted to poke fun at. Bernie Madoff is not a person I admire in any way,” Jacobson told the New York Times, on how she chose whose bags to draw.

Looking inside the bags of real and even fictional people, such as Batman and Willy Wonka, via her illustrations is so visually entertaining, it’s no wonder it’s already an Amazon best seller.