German neo-Nazi group posts map on social media of 70 Jewish sites


(JTA) — A neo-Nazi group in Germany posted a map on Facebook containing the addresses and locations of about 70 Jewish institutions and businesses.

The list was published by the Berlin-based group on Wednesday on the 78th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom.

Titled “Jews among us,” the list includes synagogues, day care centers, schools, memorials, businesses, restaurants and cemeteries. Its existence was first reported by the German-language Tagesspiegel.

The 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom, or “Night of Broken Glass,” against Austrian and German Jews is what many Holocaust historians view as the opening shot in the Nazi-led campaign of violence against the Jews.

The post also read: “Today is such a nice day!”

All the Jewish establishments on the list were contacted by the group Mobile Counsel against Right-wing Extremism, or MBR, and Green Party lawmaker Volker Beck, who told Tagesspiegel that he was disgusted by the post and said he would stand with the Jewish community.

“I see this as an attack against our open society. This is an attack against us all,” Beck said.

He said that an initial legal assessment of the post shows that it does not fulfill the requirements for the crime of incitement of hatred.

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