Now you can buy kosher artisanal chicken


(JTA) — Heritage chickens raised under humane conditions are now being kosher-killed and available for consumers who observe the laws of kashrut.

The Jewish Initiative for Animals, or JIFA, has partnered with two kosher meat providers – KOL Foods and Grow and Behold – to bring over 1,000 heritage chickens to kosher processing plants. The chickens are available for purchase online.

JIFA aims to educate the Jewish community on the ethical issues of industrial farming and encouraging Jewish institutions to create food policies showcasing animal welfare as a Jewish value.

Heritage chickens are healthy and genetically pure breeds of fowl that meet the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection, first codified in 1874. They have not been genetically altered or cross-bred, or exposed to antibiotics and chemicals.

JIFA is calling on kosher consumers to choose the humanely raised chickens and thereby raise the demand for them. The chickens cost substantially more than their non-organic counterparts.

“By choosing heritage, you’re doing your part to turn Jewish values of compassion for animals into action by helping to create a meat industry that we can all feel good about,” JIFA said in a statement.

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