Polish Jewish community seeks to resettle Aleppo family


WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — The Jewish community of Wroclaw in western Poland has submitted a request to local authorities for permission to resettle a family from Aleppo, Syria.

Alexander Gleichgewicht, the chairman of Wroclaw Jewry, said the community would provide the refugees with housing, money to live on, and admission to school.

“We would like to take care of a family with a child or children, and provide them a quiet life here as long as they want,” Gleichgewicht told Radio Wroclaw. “I hope that other organizations, other churches of other denominations, will join this in this project later.”

Gleichgewicht said the Jewish community must help take care of the refugees because the community in its history has experienced both suffering and selfless help.

“It is a debt we must pay,” he said.

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