Netanyahu testifies in suit against journalist that wife didn’t kick him out of car


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu testified in a Tel Aviv court that his wife did not kick him out of a car as they traveled on the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

Netanyahu was on the stand Tuesday in the couple’s defamation suit against journalist Yigal Sarna of the Israeli daily Yediot Acharonot.

The over $76,000 lawsuit was filed over a year-old Facebook post by Sarna in which he described an incident in which the prime minister’s motorcade reportedly stopped on Route 1 and Netanyahu got out of the car as his wife, Sara, yelled at him.

Netanyahu reportedly testified that the incident described in the post did not happen.

“It is so false, so absurd, ridiculous,” he said.

Sara Netanyahu testified that if she sued for every lie and slander against her, she would have to spend all her time in court, according to Ynet.

“It has no connection to reality,” she said of Sarna’s post, adding that journalists often attack her in an effort to depose her husband.

Sarna testified that the incident happened.

“Today I’m sure it happened, even more than before,” he said, adding that he had four sources for the post.

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