Palestinian firebombing suspect shot by Israeli soldiers dies of his wounds


(JTA) — A Palestinian teenager who was shot last month by Israeli troops while riding in a vehicle whose passengers allegedly threw firebombs at Israelis has died of his injuries.

Jassem Muhammad Nakhla, 17, died Monday in a Tel Aviv hospital after being shot in the head and foot on March 23 near the al-Jalazun refugee camp in the central West Bank, the Maan news agency reported Tuesday based on information it received from the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Nakhla was in the vehicle with three other Palestinian teenagers near the West Bank settlement of Beit El, where an Israeli military spokesperson said the three passengers threw firebombs at Israelis.

One passenger, Muhammad Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Hattab, 17, died that day. The others, Muhammad Hattab and Muhammad Moussa Nakhla, both 18, were also seriously wounded.

According to Maan, Nakhla is the 18th Palestinian confirmed killed by Israeli forces this year.

The number of recorded terrorist attacks by Palestinians on Israelis increased last month by 15 percent from the previous month to 119, Israel’s security agency, the Shin Bet, said in its monthly report published earlier this week.

The incidents resulted in no fatalities among victims but did end with six people wounded.

The 20 attacks recorded in Jerusalem in March constitute a 30 percent increase over the 14 incidents documented there in February.

Of the 119 attacks recorded in March, 93 involved the hurling of firebombs.

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