Can You Kill A Culture?


How do you kill a people?

It is a mind turning

And clarity yearning


That has been

Churning and churning

For years


How do we annihilate a nation?


We know how to decimate

Take their place

And chase them away

Erase the memory

Face the fight

And destroy the race


It seems easy

To appease the people

The people are defeated

With ease

Seem to



Countries rise

And despise

The others

Their thirst for power


A blazing fire seen in their eyes

And it seems

To rise

And climb

And fly


But how do you

Demolish an idea?

Can you

Destroy a lineage?

Is there a way

To kill a culture?

How do you

Remove a race?


It’s the deep seated

And needed factor

In every race and culture

The part in every heart

Every custom

And pattern and

predominant preference

Is this possible to break?


You can murder a man or a city

Plan to demand entry

And take a stand

Against the bad

That you’re against


But if you’re against a belief

A link

A feeling

Has a deeper meaning

That’s seemingly

Easy to ruin

But it’s not.

That man that you planned to destroy

Can be replaced by more

And more


The ideas

Can be retaught

And the man

That we thought

Has ought to be dead

Has been reproduced


At exponential rates

This insidious virus

spreads its hate


Slowly showing the malicious ideas

Making them know

And sending their own

To go and blow up the world


On social media

The malevolent being

Spreads its corruption

To the masses

And seeing the major fear

They have spread

Gives them peace and joy


So how can we kill a culture?

The crux of the issue is clear

Terminate the threats

And see the fear they instill

Know that ideas and knowledge

Cannot be ignored for long


Their race cannot be removed

With blood and murder

Bombs and stopping their freedoms


Will only increase the hate


Show them their theories

Are extinct

Prove to them

Their ideas are inaccurate

And absurd

Destroy the lineage through logic

And let the thought

Die like

An old fire


Should we just give in and fold?


Sitting in a simple setting


Not being



For something


And seemingly



Being told that suicide and dying

To kill bystanders

Having no mind

Nothing inside

To choose and decide

When to die?

Is it better than being alive

Having a fulfilled life


Their brainwash

The bane of existence

The main force

To reign over people

In insane ways


Can you still stay in your comfortable setting

When the way they live keeps spreading and spreading?


Because you can kill the messenger

But you can never kill the