Remembering World Over


Gary Rosenblatt evokes feelings many of us baby boomers relate to in his column, “Confessions of a Once-Distant Zionist” (May 5).

How sweet it was for me, my mom and sister to read of the positive role that World Over magazine played for this newspaper’s editor.

My late father, Dr. Morris Epstein, was the editor of World Over magazine, which became a household name for Hebrew school children across the country in the 1960s.

Together with the illustrator, Ezekiel Schloss, they collaborated on the weekly magazine for over two decades, increasing the cultural literacy of its young readership in Jewish communities.

The magazine provided well-written articles, cartoons that read like a graphic novel, each issue ending with a rebus. With the range of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox views, one could say it was an early success story of transcending denominations, viewing Jewish children throughout the world as one.

Springfield, N.J.