Israel’s defense minister: Israel tweaked intel sharing after Trump revelations to Russians


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israel’s defense minister said Israel made changes to how it shares intelligence with the United States in the wake of President Donald Trump’s revelation of highly classified information to Russian officials.

Avigdor Liberman told Army Radio on Wednesday that the change would not affect the close intelligence-sharing relationship between Israel and the United States.

“I can confirm that we did a spot repair and that there’s unprecedented intelligence cooperation with the United States,” Liberman said, according to a Voice of America report.

“What we had to clarify with our friends in the United States, we did,” he said without elaborating. “We did our checks.”

Trump in a meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to the United States earlier this month described in detail information that led the United States to conclude that the Islamic State terrorist group was planning to attack an aircraft with a laptop bomb.

He did not describe sources, but the detail could lead the Russians to learn who had provided the information and could identify the spy who infiltrated the group, according to reports.

Some reports said Israel had shared the information with Trump.

Britain also reassessed its intelligence sharing after the U.S. media published details about this week’s deadly bombing attack on a pop concert in Manchester. Trump ordered an investigation into those leaks.

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