The Swing: L’dor Va’dor


Singing from the swing,
Attached to the willow tree with bronze bark.
A boy with a blue kipa swinging above,
Emerald grass lying below.

Standing on top of the swing,
The tree with branches that begin to bend.
A profane tattoo on the rebellious Jewish boy riding above,
Two packs of cigarettes on the dusty grass below.

Holding and admiring the swing,
Leaning on the abandoned tree.
A man with a pale tattoo, gelled hair and chiseled jaw above,
A fresh paycheck in his hand below.

Bringing the pregnant girlfriend to the swing,
Etching names onto the faded tree.
A beaming beauty with a Magen David swaying above,
A man with a glistening diamond kneeling below.

Holding the child on the swing,
A silver stroller under the shady tree.
Two content parents tickling the child above,
Soft pink blankets and a lavender rattle resting on the grass below.

A middle-aged couple sitting by the swing,
Loving the tree of life with burnt umber bark.
Their daughter holding their dancing grandchild above,
Joyful memories resting in the rich soil below.

Cutting down the swing,
Leaving the stump of the willow tree behind.
A hollow-faced daughter in black above,
Two epitaphs and a couple in the emerald ground below.