Highlights From The Jewish Week Gala 2017


The Jewish Week Gala 2017 took place at The Pierre Hotel on November 28, 2017 and was dedicated to serious journalism – We salute its critical importance and relevance in our times. These days, with the rapid pace of news, when the nature of truth is being questioned, and social media is upending traditional reporting and delivery of news, The Jewish Week continues to uphold its high standards of reporting on the Jewish community and the wider world. Our award-winning editors, writers and the entire staff are always seeking to improve our coverage, taking on the challenge, in print and online, to delve more deeply, report more widely, listen to our readers and enhance our community through education and engagement.

As editor and publisher Gary Rosenblatt said at the event, β€œThe Jewish Week has two primary goals. First, to serve the public interest by telling the truth – about, to and for the community. We believe that the strength of a society is measured in part by the independence and vibrancy of its media, and that the Jewish community is most effective when it is well informed. Second, we see our mission to help sustain and build the Jewish community we serve through our educational projects (Write On For Israel, The Conversation, The Jewish Week Forums, Fresh Ink for Teens, The Jewish Week Investigative Journalism Fund) as well as our reporting. The Gala supports this mission.”

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Videos by Mathew Engler

Photos by Shulamit Seidler-Feller