Palestinian Authority condemns Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic for blocking EU statement on Jerusalem


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Palestinian Authority condemned Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic for blocking a statement by the European Union that condemns the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

The PA’s Foreign Ministry said that the move goes against E.U. policy and international law, the official WAFA news agency reported.

The ministry also said that the PA holds Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic responsible for blocking the resolution and that it would have consequences on all levels, “especially their relationship with the Arab and Islamic worlds.”

The EU statement, that reportedly was thwarted on Friday, was initiated by France. According to Israel’s Channel 10, the draft resolution said that Jerusalem should be the capital of both Israel and Palestine, and that the status of Jerusalem should be decided in peace talks between the two parties. The resolution also stated that E.U. countries would not move their embassies to Jerusalem.

Several European countries, including U.S. allies such as the United Kingdom, France and German, are not sending representatives to the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. At least 30 countries are sending representatives, mostly from Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe.

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