UK Jewish communal leader suspended for anti-Muslim, Arab rhetoric


(JTA) — The main Jewish group in England suspended for six years a senior deputy who shared on Twitter a text describing Arabs as “the vilest of animals.”

Roslyn Pine, the deputy for Finchley United Synagogue, was told she was suspended for the next two triennials after the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ Constitution Committee found that she had brought the organization into disrepute, the Jewish News of London reported Thursday. The Board of Deputies’ probe into Pine’s conduct follows an expose about it by The Jewish Chronicle of London.

Pine, whose Twitter account was recently made private, called Arabs “so evil” and later said: “I have an issue with Muslims and Arabs who want to kill us, who want to destroy Israel. And that is an Islamic fundamental if you know anything about what the Koran is.”

The Jewish Board’s committee condemned her statements.

“What Mrs Pine is saying is that the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel is fundamental to the Islamic religion, and so implying condemnation of all Muslims,” it said.

Pine has been censured before. Three years ago she said it was a pity that the pro-Palestinian female Swedish foreign minister was “too old to be raped.” She has also called fellow deputies “kapos.”

At a hearing Wednesday, Pine defended herself.

“It’s true I have an issue with Muslims and Arabs who want to kill us and destroy Israel … I would expect that every deputy would hold that view,” she said.

Last month, the Jewish Board’s new president, Marie van der Zyl said “I will not tolerate any anti-Muslim hatred whatsoever.”

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