JTA Twitter 50: Rebecca Pierce


Rebecca Pierce – @aptly-engineerd

As a documentary filmmaker, Pierce’s work focuses on racial justice and the refugee crisis in Israel. As an outspoken activist and core member of the Jews of Color and Sephardi/Mizrahi (JOCSM) Caucus, she uses her platform on Twitter to expose the plight of Jews of Color (JOC) in an “ashkenormative” world.

Pierce continually calls for Jews of color to be elevated and included in the larger Jewish community, often stating how black Jews like herself are left feeling “invisible.” Whether it’s commenting on a Jay-Z lyric or Paul Ryan’s newfound Jewish DNA, Pierce makes the case that Jews of Color should be the ones to define their own Jewishness and speak to the issues that affect them most.

She’s very critical of Israel, referring to it as an apartheid state and offering scathing Twitter commentary on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She’s also critical of those who use her condemnation of Israeli policy as a means to question her own Jewishness.

Reading through Pierce’s Twitter feed, you’ll find plenty of fiery threads and passionate pleas for people to better understand the issues that Jews of color face today from both inside and outside the Jewish community. But don’t worry, you’ll also find plenty of humor — she is Jewish, after all.

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