Track Down People Online: Sites That Will Come in Handy


People often choose Google when trying to find people online. Especially in the last 2 years, people have started to find better ways to find other people by name, location or job. There are many ways in which you can find someone online, or check that person you want to hire to make sure everything’s okay with him or her. Sometimes people search can be an easy thing to do.


You can search anyone’s home address or phone number with this search engine. It might scare you if you search your own name, but it’s a very good one if you’re looking for the phone number of one of your former co-workers. ZabaSearch has listed and unlisted addresses and phone numbers. The founders say that all the data you find it’s already registered in a public record.


This one has become the favourite one is such short time, as it digs up info about a person that you usually won’t find on Google. It supposedly searching the deep web. Pipl gives impressive data of people who use their “real” names online – press mentions, web pages, even Amazon wishlists. You can make your life easier by searching the city, state and country of the person.


The person you’re looking for probably has LinkedIn, Twitter or Friendster. You can search on each platform individually, or you can type their full name (or username) and perhaps some interests and the location on Wink, and you’ll be able to search on all of the social platforms in no time – all at once.


This one is best if you want to find more about the person and his or her job. It even helps candidates find the right job. In has lists of people, and it gives you info about the current job title, and employment history – even if they’re not looking for a job. Type the full name of a person. If you get too many results, type the location to – the state should be enough. However, keep in mind that it only works for the US and Canada.


This one is the best one if you want to find your former colleagues. However, it’s not only for that – you can find pretty much anyone by using this site. You can find anyone, from high school colleagues, to childhood friends, to your grandmother.


Believe it or not, it’s still the best one out there. It has so much data, there’s really no use in denying that it’s an excellent service. Here’s how to make the most out of it:
1. Type the first and last name of the person in quotation marks – “Rebecca Smith”
2. Write other relevant words, such as the job of the person, the location, usernames, the employer.
3. If the person you’re looking for appears on a site, search only on that site, using the site:URL operator