Dine And Unwind


New York City. A place where cabs crowd the streets and people rush from place to place. One would think that this culture-packed city would contain a wide array of Kosher restaurants, right? Wrong. While New York City has a thriving Jewish community, it lacks a coherency, resulting in the small number of Kosher restaurants. And, when those specific restaurants are already explored, it’s even harder to search for something new to give your taste buds a bit of variety.

Thousands of years ago, Hashem gave the Jewish people the gift of the Torah. Within this sacred text were many different laws and customs that the Jews are required to follow. One of the requirements is to eat foods that are only Kosher. While we don’t know the exact reasons behind this principle, it proves to promote a healthy lifestyle and is a major part of the Jewish religion. Keeping Kosher has always been very important in my family and community. So here it is a list of the newest Kosher spots that New York City has to offer!

Looking for a casual place to eat with your friends? Burgers are a wonderful pick! Amsterdam Burger, located in the Upper West Side, recently opened in September of 2018. This Kosher and affordable restaurant features all those late-night cravings you and your friends have: from chicken wings and buffalo nuggets to pulled beef burgers and wraps. This restaurant will definitely leave you wanting more!

Interested in a fancy, fine-dining restaurant? Barnea Bistro is the perfect eatery for the occasion. Recently opened in Midtown Manhattan, this high-end restaurant provides foods such as fish and lamb, along with tasty appetizers and beverages to accompany each meal. Barnea Bistro offers mouth-watering desserts to top off your meal- perfect for a birthday celebration!

Want to dine somewhere where you’ll feel at home? Abaita is a dairy restaurant striving to create a warm and cozy feeling where their customers will feel comfortable and welcomed. In Hebrew, Abaita translates to “home” –  exactly what this restaurant is trying to convey. Located in Midtown East, Abaita has an open kitchen, making its dishes taste fresh and providing diners a sneak peek. They offer a wide array of salads, pasta, pizza and fish: everything you need to unwind and enjoy!

All in all, if you and your kosher friends/family want to treat yourselves to a dinner out in the city, there are options! Along with these three recent openings, several other Kosher restaurants are located in NYC such as Taam Tov, Mike Bistro, Reserve Cut and more. However, if you want to try out something new, be sure to visit these restaurants soon!

Sarit Alkadaa is a senior at Yeshivah of Flatbush. She is a Staff Writer for Fresh Ink for Teens.