Rabbis (Real And Armchair) Weigh In On Michael Cohen’s ‘Teshuvah’


Yesterday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee consisted of more than seven hours of questioning about Russia, tax fraud and campaign finance fraud. But at the end of the day, Jews took to Twitter to ask a bigger question: Had Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, done teshuvah?

Teshuvah, or repentance, is defined by Maimonides as a process in which the penitent has to seek forgiveness from the one he or she has wronged, as well as change his or her own ways to prevent the same wrong being repeated.

With Cohen headed to jail for the next three years, the second part may be a foregone conclusion. But the sincerity of Cohen’s apology was certainly up for debate.


Some were quick to point out that while teshuvah is important, it would not excuse Cohen’s previous actions on behalf of President Trump.