10 Common Things Teenagers in the US Buy with Bitcoin


It has now been a decade ever since the introduction of Bitcoin as a form of digital currency. Many stores, both online and offline have supported it by accepting its mode of payment. Teenagers are lucky to be able to own their wallets; Thanks to different ways of purchasing bitcoin without having to identify yourself. Therefore, they can now buy their favorite items using bitcoins. Here are some of the things that US teens purchase through bitcoin:

1. Gift cards

Though not all online stores have accepted bitcoins for payment, one can still buy goods from them using bitcoin indirectly. You only have to buy gift cards from apps such as Gyft using bitcoin, and then use these cards to purchase any products you need from the shops.

2. Clothes

Overstock.com is one of the e-commerce retail stores that has accepted bitcoin as payment. Teenagers can, therefore, buy fancy clothes from the shop more comfortably.

3. Backpacks

Teenagers can now purchase bags using bitcoins from online stores such as Shopify and overstock.

4. Games

Teenagers are so fond of games. And therefore they can purchase as many as they can afford. Websites such as Newegg allows any teen who owns bitcoin wallet to have a gaming console and other electronics such as mobile phones using bitcoins.

5. Pizza

Pizzaforcoins for delivery and other restaurants now accept bitcoin to deliver pizza to anyone who is interested.

6. Beer

You may be surprised, to see beer on the list. But yes, they buy it.  Some may send their seniors to buy for them while others Buy Fake ID to identify themselves and go to the night clubs. Many clubs can accept bills to be paid via bitcoins while others don’t.

7. Tickets

Various tickets such as airline, or event tickets are available online. And you can access them by using digital currency transaction. Teenagers love such events, and they usually don’t miss any of them.

8. Watches

Watch is one of the accessories that young people like to wear. They buy different classic models of watches online, and they can even be able to use their bitcoin to pay for the products.

9. Burger

If you see a group of teenager’s in a restaurant in the US enjoying burgers, you would think they have a lot of cash with them, only to realize they paid for their snacks using their digital currency. It is easier to locate bitcoin restaurants as they mostly have a sign of a coin (symbol for bitcoin) well displayed on their walls.

10. Shoes

Nowadays US teenagers don’t have to risk walking around with cash as they go shopping for their trendy shoes. They either buy them at the comfort of their homes or can use the coin map to locate their local retailers that accept bitcoin payment.

As you can see, with bitcoin wallet, you can have almost anything in the US. Start investing in bitcoin as soon as now and enjoy benefits as well as going cashless.