GPS Location Games worth Investing In


GPS on your phone does not just give you the phone tracker feature. You can now access games on your mobile phone due to the inbuilt GPS and real-time locations. These features will allow you to enjoy your game on the go.

Any avid gamer would enjoy the convenience of playing games on their mobile device. With gaming developments, there are now so many more games you may want to consider investing in. We will look at some of these GPS Location games and why we like them.

Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go is accessible on both iOS and Android and is a must-have for zealous gamers. The thrill that comes from hunting for the Pokemon; an imaginary creature, has continued to have such an appeal for avid gamers.

With more than 700 million downloads, the game continues to appeal to the masses and is a sure leading contender for GPS location games.


Geocaching is available on Android and iOS and is all about treasure hunting. This game will appeal to the inner child, who clings onto the fantasies of their childhood growing up years. The game allows you to discover Geocaches all over the globe and offers unlimited adventure for you and your friends.

If you like challenges, the game allows you to advance to higher levels, but, there is a monthly cost aspect to upgrading your membership.

Turf Wars

The Turf Wars is a multiplayer game that features warlike elements. The player gets a chance to control an imaginary world and protect it from invasion by ‘enemies,’ who are actually other players. It gives one the feeling of being a superhero and the fight scenes are addictive and fun. You can share your strategy through messaging with your enemies and friends, making it a very interactive game.

The Turf Wars game is available on Android and iOS platforms.


Not every gamer is obsessed with fighting imaginary enemies or saving imaginary worlds. The Landlords game, which is available on iOS platforms, brings in a business element to gaming. Players receive ‘cash’ which they use to buy different money making investments such as businesses, buildings among others.

Once you acquire the property, you make the other players pay rent when they use platforms like Foursquare or Facebook to visit the location. The landlord can upgrade the property by installing certain amenities like nightclubs, and Wi-Fi among others thereby increasing its value.

Other players can give you referral points, and you also have the option of buying more game currency using the in-app. You will, however, need to part with some real money to get the additional currency.


If you have a fascination with Ghosts, and we are not talking about Casper the Friendly Ghost here, then SpecTrek is the game for you. Through the use of augmented reality, you will get a chance to chase imaginary ghosts that are in preset locations on Google Maps. The duration of the game lasts between 15 minutes to 8 hours. If your children are not easily frightened, they can also enjoy the game.

The game is available on the Android platform.


GPS location games are fun because you are not tethered to your gaming table.  No matter where you are, you can still access these fun games and engage in friendly competition.