Jordan Levy, 26


Jordan Levy is an astute, well-spoken entrepreneur. At 26 years old, the Long Island native has already started two successful businesses in the experiential learning space — both with a dedicated focus on social impact. The first one, RealTime Cases, founded with some of his college buddies in 2014, earned him Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition three years ago.

His latest venture, CapSource Education, seeks to bridge the skills gap for recent graduates by partnering them with companies during college to gain work experience and mentorship.

Raised in Great Neck, Levy says he had a “rich Jewish upbringing” but it was a forced engagement, one he opted out of for years. While at Lehigh University he became close with the Chabad rabbi and took a Jewish traditions class which reignited his interest in Judaism. It was there that he resolved to become “a beacon of Jewish light” after he graduated.

Now, as a young professional, Levy mixes his business savvy with a strong commitment to improving the world.

“I look at tikkun olam as beyond doing just your own service, but really influencing others to take notice of the challenges that exist in our community and beyond, that they then feel charged to solve,” he said.

In 2017 he joined the Schusterman REALITY education trip to Israel, which taught him how to “really produce impact.” He now sits on their leadership board and helps create rich Jewish experiences for his peers, hoping to inspire them to add intention and meaning to their lives.

As a Schusterman leader as well as a One Table host, he regularly hosts Shabbat dinners for Jews and non-Jews in his Flatiron apartment; in 2018 he hosted over 150 people and this year he has almost hit that amount, with the goal of hosting one per month.

“I’ve learned to cultivate an environment where I can really bring in Jewish culture and values with the general interest in creating value for humanity,” Levy said.

“There are so many programs out there that are geared towards Jewish impact, but I think The real MO of the Jewish people should  be about helping non-Jews understand the values of Judaism and why that has allowed our community to persist for hundreds and thousands of generations.”

In addition, he helps organize programs themed around the Jewish festivals and history, like an apple-picking trip in upstate New York centered around the theme of harvest and an immigration-themed event timed around Israel’s Remembrance Day that got attendees discussing remembrance versus celebration. He’s also collaborated with service organizations including “Knock, Knock Give a Sock,” which seeks to humanize homelessness.

Most gratifying for him are the close friendships that have blossomed, as well as the many first dates and business partnerships that have stemmed from his events.

Cocktail hour: Levy has a bartending license and enjoys dabbling in mixology.


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