Lindsey Metselaar, 28


Lindsey Metselaar has always been someone her friends turn to for advice. So, when she came up with the idea to start her own podcast during the fall of 2017, it seemed like a natural fit. “I am just a very curious person in general. I was like if I could find a way to ask everyone about their relationships and get away with it, that would be great,” Metselaar said.

Although “We Met at Acme,” a podcast on millennial dating in NYC, now has about 18,000 followers on Instagram and over 85 episodes, Metselaar had no idea the impact it would have when she first started. “At the time I never thought anyone would listen. A podcast was more niche back then,” she said. Her only goal was to help others navigate the dating field, while learning about relationships herself.

“I bought a microphone and headphones and just started recording,” she said. In the beginning, Metselaar interviewed friends about dating, touching upon personal experiences and offering advice. But as the number of listeners increased, so, too, did the notoriety of the guests. Metselaar has now hosted such guests as Jerry Ferrara, best known for his role in Entourage, and Rabbi Manis Friedman, author of “The Joy of Intimacy.”

While the podcast has grown, Metselaar’s main purpose has stayed the same. “A lot of people relate to what I say when I am really raw and honest, and it is nice to feel like I am helping someone,” she said. Beyond the podcast, “We Met At Acme” also hosts live events—such as the recently sold out UJA young adult evening—which gives Metselaar a chance to interact with her listeners.

Metselaar is also the founder of Lindsey’s Lunchbox, a social media management company, but she plans to focus on “We Met At Acme” in the future. “I’m hoping to turn this podcast into something bigger, whether it is a book or a show, something that can help people on a bigger scale,” she said.

Hold the lettuce: Metselaar doesn’t eat salad and even has an Instagram account for her non-salad escapades: @dontexpectsalads.

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