From the Middle: The New New Anti-Semitism


We all know how deadly anti-Semitism from the right can be, and we have learned that left-wing anti-Semitism, often disguised as anti-Zionism, is also a threat. But what about Anti-Semitism from the Middle?

Anti-Semitism from the Middle can be difficult to detect because it is the most subtle of all anti-Semitisms. We here at the Anti-Denigration League are offering these important examples to help you call out anti-Semitism even when it barely exists:

+ You are at work with your gentile friend who has voted for Republicans and Democrats. She says she’s been watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and says, “I bet you’re a fan.”

+ Your non-Jewish coworker is a fiscal conservative and liberal on social issues. He says he likes Mike Bloomberg’s policies, but can’t stand his speaking voice.

+ You are on a date with a swing voter. You say that you’ll be visiting your family on Passover, and she says, “Is that the one with the huts?”

+ At an interfaith meeting with the local United Methodist church, the pastor greets you by saying “Shalom!”

+ It’s a humid day, and a woman wearing a “Klobuchar 2020” button says, “I love your hair! You’re so lucky to have natural curls!”

+ An independent voter from a purple state is watching the Democratic debate with you, and says, “Why does Bernie Sanders always seem angry?”

The author is CEO, Executive Director and Commissioner of The Anti-Denigration League.

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