New Kosher Symbols Announced


K-Pasa — Under the supervision of the Latin-American Jewish Federation

K-O – Hashgacha of the World Boxing Federation

Yud K Vav K – Under divine supervision (but consult your local rabbi)

Danny K – Supervised by the Va’ad
of Late Comedians

K Sera Sera – Hashgacha
of Determinist Judaism

K-Mart – Hashgacha of rabbis who will discount their normal fees and make it up in volume

I’m O-K You’re O-KSupervision by the Association of Jews
in Psychology

K9 – Kosher enough for your
dog to eat

K-Tel – Kosher products as seen on TV!

LMK – Kashrut questions?
Send us a text

K-POP – Suitable for South Korean boy bands and their fans

K-C K-Sum – When you need
to know the Top 40 glatt products

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