Moshe Klein, 26


What you do:

I work as a curriculum adviser for Judaic and general studies at several Hasidish boys’ schools in the tri-state area.

I served as the spokesperson to Jewish and international press for large gatherings and communal events within the Chasidic community.

Unexpected fun fact:

I have traveled to several Middle Eastern and Muslim countries. I have been to Tunisia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

How you got here:

I grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and attended the Hasidic school system. At age 20 I participated in a leadership program for young Jewish students from around the world. Upon completion I didn’t plan on going into education but there was a need so I took the initiative. Thank God, a lot has been accomplished.

I work on strengthening the Hasidic community, by

  • sharing the beauty and values of authentic Hasidic life with Modern Orthodox educational establishments, Sunday School and colleges and provide a forum of discussion wherever necessary;
  • advocating for the young leadership in the Hasidic community to have a voice and presence at larger Jewish organizations on decisions affecting the Orthodox world. The Hasidic community has grown exponentially, and is today the fastest-growing Jewish sector in the United States. Therefore, we work to strengthen foreign governmental relations with the Hasidic community;
  • improving the existing arrangement of how education is imparted and maximizing the time spent to the utmost capacity for the most gainful results.

Best advice you received:

The best advice, from Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, was to “always focus on my mission.”

What Jewish source, person, book, etc., has inspired your work?

Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, of blessed memory, the Satmar rabbi who, against all odds, re-established Hasidus in America from scratch after the Holocaust.