We want to hear about your stories about converting to Judaism


A stereotypical convert to Judaism in contemporary history has been a single person marrying into a Jewish family. But that is changing as more and more people find their way to Judaism on their own, and encounter Jewish communities eager to accept them.

One set of people who are finding their way to Judaism in large numbers: former evangelicals and Messianics, people who adopted the practices of Judaism while believing in the divinity of Jesus. Some scholars and Jewish leaders alike believe these populations make up the largest source of new Jews today.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency recently told the story of one formerly Messianic community, based in rural Show Low, Arizona, whose members converted en masse to Judaism last month. Now, we’re looking for more stories about surprising journeys to Judaism, whether yours represents or bucks a trend, takes emotional twists and turns or surprised you because of its ease. We’re interested in learning about the diverse ways that new Jews are made today, and where your journey took you after your conversion.

Do you have a remarkable story about your journey to Judaism? We want to hear about it!

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