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This neo-Nazi group is behind those fliers blaming Jews for the Kavanaugh allegations

This neo-Nazi group is behind those fliers blaming Jews for the Kavanaugh allegations

The Anti-Defamation League estimates that the Daily Stormer Book Clubs only have 50 members nationwide.

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Lara Alqasem

Lara Alqasem, US student detained in Israeli airport, can stay in country, Supreme Court rules

When Dutch Jews found haven in an anti-Semitic Hungary

10 American baseball players become Israeli citizens to help nation’s team make the Olympics

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United States

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton calls out Louis Farrakhan over anti-Semitism

Twitter said it would not suspend the Nation of Islam leader for likening Jews to insects.

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Editor's Column


Editor's Column

Why Roseanne Barr and Shmuley Boteach need each other

A celebrity rabbi and a tarnished star have been on a months-long repentance road show.

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From the JTA Archives

Jewish Women Killed in Boiler Explosion in Mikvah

Pope’s Efforts to Save Converted Jews from Nazis Revealed by Vatican

750 Jewish Survivors of Auschwitz Laud U.S. and United Jewish Appeal

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Israel & Middle East

Dan Margalit

At least 7 women accuse veteran Israeli journalist Dan Margalit of sexual harassment

The prominent TV host and columnist denies the accusations but later announced that he would resign from Haaretz, and from all other work in journalism.

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From 70 Faces Media

How to Save Your Fall Apples for Hanukkah Season

Even Jill Soloway Doesn’t Get Everything They Want

Do We Need a Graphic Adaptation of Anne Frank’s Diary? Actually, Yes.

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In Denmark, the world’s only happy Holocaust commemoration event

Song, backslapping and smiling faces in a country that saved nearly all of its Jews.

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