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A Statement of Policy

January 16, 1934
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The JEWISH DAILY BULLETIN appears today for the first time in the enlarged format of a newspaper. For the first time a Jewish daily written in English will be available on the newsstands of Greater New York, depicting the panorama of Jewish events as they transpire from day to day.

With the appearance of this enlarged edition, the JEWISH DAILY BULLETIN enters upon a new phase. The Jewish community is faced today with a crisis of unprecedented scope. Not only to present the news, but to analyze the problems with which it is confronted, and to offer not only tid-bits of the daily occurrences but to give a coherent picture, will be the added task of the paper.

We are happy to announce that Mr. Herman Bernstein, former Minister to Albania and well known author and writer, will be the editor of the paper. R. D. Blumenfeld, chairman of the Board of Directors of The London Daily Express, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, Harry Salpeter, Joseph Leftwich, will continue their columns. The world-wide service of the JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY will be reproduced in full. Articles, news-letters, cartoons and other features will make the paper thorough, accurate and entertaining.

The enlarged edition makes its appearance at a moment when a comprehensive survey of Jewish conditions has become an imperative need. To continue to arouse public opinion against the unheard of persecution of the Jewish people in Germany, not to permit a spirit of indifference to gain ground, will be one of the main purposes of the paper.

The JEWISH DAILY BULLETIN will continue to report impartially, concisely and authentically all Jewish news. It will be independent. It will be a clarion call to the young American Jew who is growing up uninformed on contemporary Jewish life, guiding him to a proper understanding of his people and stimulating his consciousness of and responsibility to the Jewish community. It will acquaint its readers with the manifold activities and undertakings of Jews throughout the world and will endeavor to set Jewish conditions in their true perspective before its readers.

The paper will not preach any philosophy of Jewish life but will stand squarely for all measures which will secure the survival of the Jewish people. It will endeavor to be the bulwark against the many disintegrating influences which work upon the Jewish community. It will give wholehearted support to the promulgation of Jewish educational activities and to those movements which tend to intensify Jewish cohesion and solidarity, such as the efforts to bring relief to Jews in other countries suffering from political persecution or economic ills, as well as to the great task of creating a Jewish National Home in Palestine.

The recent tragic events in Germany, we believe, necessitate a reorientation on the part of many Jews who have until now been aloof or indifferent. If in the very heart of Europe, in one of the most highly cultured countries of the world, the equal status of the Jew as a citizen could have been destroyed, – in a country where the Jews comprise one percent of the population and where they have made the most earnest effort to be like the rest of the nation – it affords a lesson to Jews everywhere else, and should point the way to the need of closed ranks.

It will be the aim of this paper to depict Jewish life with a proper regard for the general background against which Jewish events take place.

While the JEWISH DAILY BULLETIN will endeavor to give its support to every constructive endeavor on behalf of the Jewish people, it will avoid a narrow policy. The Jew who takes an interest in every humanitarian effort will be no less of interest to this paper than the Jew who confines his activities to purely communal efforts. It will raise its voice whenever Jews are wrongly made the target of attack, but at the same time it does not intend to speak in superlatives of all the Jew is doing and will not shrink from frank criticism whenever it be justified.

To promote a better understanding of Jewish problems, to instil a deeper consciousness, to arouse an interest in every worth-while Jewish undertaking, to be a weapon in the fight against anti-Semitism, to be constructive in all its policies, will be the earnest endeavor of this paper.



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