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Full Text of Zionist Peace Treaty

October 29, 1934
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The following is the text of the agreement signed yesterday by David Ben-Gurion, representing the World Zionist Executive, and Vladimir Jabotinsky, head of the Revisionist organization, to end inter-party strife in Palestine and elsewhere:

Without infringing upon the freedom of discussions and criticism within the Zionist movement, all parties undertake to refrain from means of party warfare which are outside the limits of political ideological discussion and are not in conformity with the moral principles of Zionism and of civilized conduct.


Secondly, all parties shall issue appeals to their members, forbidding acts of terror or violence in any shape or form, under all circumstances, in Palestine or the diaspora. Every party shall apply the most rigorous means to eradicate such acts. This prohibition applies equally to the advocacy of terror or violence acts and to the justification of such acts.

Thirdly, all parties undertake to employ all means at their disposal to prevent any breach or infringement of the agreement undertaken to bring about among the workers and organizations of Palestine, for the purpose of establishing relations of comradeship, equitable distribution of work among all seeking employment, and to safeguard fair conditions of labor.


Fourthly, all parties undertake to use vigorous means to prevent any unfair act in party strife, such as libel, slander, insult to individuals or groups, the spreading of false news, denunciations, or insults to the symbols, flags or uniforms of the opponents.

Fifthly, in countries where governments ban or view with disfavor any Zionist faction, no group or individual will be allowed to combat the opponent with the aid of the government, either directly or indirectly. It is also forbidden to cite the opponent party or its members under titles which are apt to endanger its existence in those countries.

Sixthly, parties or their individual members are in no case and under no circumstances to be permitted to break up or disturb meetings of the opposing party.


Seventhly, all parties undertake to impose upon their members who will have broken any of the aforesaid provisions, as soon as such breach becomes known to them directly or through the medium of a member of the affected party, one of the following penalties: censure, fine, temporary suspension of membership or permanent expulsion from the party, and if the offender is a shekel-payer, expulsion from the Zionist organization. If the party fails to punish offending members or if the affected party is not satisfied with the punishment imposed that party is entitled to appeal before the interparty court to be set up in every country when it is required, while in Palestine and Poland such courts are to be set up immediately. A person thus expelled from the Zionist Organization will have the right to appeal to the court of honor of the Zionist Organization.

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