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Herman Bernstein Relates Events Preceding Suit Against Henry Ford

July 28, 1927
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Expressing satisfaction with the apology of Henry Ford. Mr. Herman Bernstein. in a statement to the “Jewish Daily Bulletin”. related the events which preceded his suit.

“I am happy.” Mr. Bernstein stated that Mr. Henry Ford has made so complete a retraction of the Dearborn Independent’ articles in which the Jewish people were cruelly maligned for years. and in which I was personally wronged and libelled.

“There are b## few people in this #### realize the full extent of the harm that was caused the Jewish people by the dissemination of the poisonous articles all over the world in Henry Ford’s name. Just as Mr. Samuel Untermyer. on his recent t## around the world witnessed the farreaching injury to the Jewish people done by these articles. I have foand in my extensive travels in various parts of the world during the past few years that Henry Ford’s prestige as one of the world’s foremost industrialists had len? force and ?iven credence to the malicious myths and legends eirculated widely by all s### of anti-Semites who quoted Henry Ford and shielded themselves behind his name.

“And certainly no one knows better than I do the full extent of the injury caused me personally by the article in the ‘Dearborn Independent’ and the interview about me. attributed to Henry Ford and published in various newspapers.

“In 1920. upon my return from one of my European trips. I was shocked to learn that Henry Ford’s ‘Dearborn Independent’ had started a series of vicious articles maligning the Jewish people. I could not believe that Henry Ford had sanctioned the publication of these articles. Before commenting on this. I telegraphed Mr. Ford on June 16th as follows:

‘Upon my return from Europe my attention was called to articles denouncing the Jews published in the “Dearborn Independent” with which you are identified. The articles in question are so malicious, filled with distortions of the truth, that I cannot imagine you sanctioned their publication. I am asked to comment on your “Dearborn Independent” articles. Before doing so I should like to have a statement from you whom I always regarded as a broadminded, warmhearted, humanitarian American. Such was my impression of you when we met on your Peace expedition. Herman Bernstein.’

“The answer came from the Dearborn Independent Publishing Company and read as follows:

“‘We have your telegram June sixteenth addressed to Mr. Ford. Its contents clearly indicate that you reached your conclusions and that any further comment we have to express in connection therewith would not infiuence your biased judgment thereon. The “Dearborn Independent”.’

“I endeavored to draw Mr. Ford’s attention to the grave wrong committed in his name against my people, but all my efforts in that direction were of no avail.

“I then commenced to expose the absurdity and falsity of the material presented in the ‘Dearborn Independent’ articles, and also proved that the foundation upon which most of the articles were based–‘The Protocois of the Wise Men of Zion’–consisted of a cruel and sinister forgery. With the valuable aid of Mr. Louis Marshall. I exposed the various stages entitled ‘The History of a Lie’. Then the London ‘Times’ made the expose complete by disclosing. beyond the shadow of a doubt, the original source of the forgery.

“It was only after I had pablished these exposes of the ‘Dearborn Independent’ articles and of the ‘Protocols’ that I was singled out for attack and was libelled by those who spoke in the name of Mr. Ford. To prove the falsity of the accusations against the Jewish people and myself I determined upon the only channel open to me. I instituted a suit for libel. I was fortunate in the cooperation of that distinguished, public-spirited jurist. Samuel Untermyer, who conducted this case with great vision and energy and most painstaking efforts.

“I am indeed happy that this matter is closed now. Mr. Ford’s retraciton. I am sure, strikes a deadly blow at anti-Semitic prejudice and bigotry everywhere. Mr. Ford’s readiness to assist us in making public the retraction wherever the vicious articles on the ‘International Jew’ had been circulated. and in agreeing to cooperate in withdrawing from circulation and destroying, wherever possible the pernicious pamphlets, is of the greatest significance.

“Mr. Ford has made a frank and categorical declaration which leaves no room for misinterpretation. Those who have helped to open Mr. Ford’s eyes to the awful injury done to the Jewish people. in his name. deserve great and lasting credit. It is a genuine service not only to the Jews. but also to America.

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