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Interview with Mel Gibson’s Dad Teaches Strange ‘lessons’ on Life

March 15, 2004
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I learned a lifelong lesson during my recent interview with Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson. The interview took place on the eve of the release of Mel Gibson’s new movie, “The Passion of the Christ.”

I learned that there actually were no concentration camps during the Holocaust, only work camps.

I learned that the Holocaust was a fiction, a fabricated business tool used strategically to siphon hard-earned money from the coffers of innocent governments worldwide.

I learned that there are too many survivors left in the world for there ever to have been a Holocaust.

I learned that the Jews just walked off the plazas of Europe right onto the streets of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Sydney and Los Angeles. In fact, I learned that the Germans were such an efficient people that if they had wanted to murder 6 million people, well then by golly they would have done it!

But this was only the beginning of my education.

I learned from Hutton Gibson that every generation of Jews aspires toward global dominion through one world religion and one world government. I learned that the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Morgans all were international Jewish bankers whose lifelong plot was to control the U.S. economy.

I learned that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, as ringleader of this economic band of brothers, should be hanged.

I learned that America must be violently overthrown and that all states must secede from the union.

I learned that “Japs” who died in ferocious battles during World War II simply were fools and human waste to be cleared off the front line like disposable trash each morning.

I learned that the Vatican has been under Jewish and Masonic control since 1965. And I at last learned the answer to a question that has troubled me since birth: The pope, in fact, is not Catholic; he is Jewish.

I learned that when “The Passion of the Christ” was screened at the Vatican, the pope was considered nothing more than a “hostile witness” and a “dumb ass,” for he obviously could do only one thing upon viewing the film: endorse it.

I learned that no one merits salvation in this world but members of the Gibsons’ fringe Catholic sect.

I learned that the Judeo-Christian principle of love for all mankind is nothing more than politically correct rhetoric articulated best when standing before a nationally televised audience. I learned that there is no room in the neighborhood for minorities and diversity.

I learned that conspiracy theories lie behind every door, that there are only others to blame for one’s shortcomings in life, only others to blame for one’s failed dreams. I learned that life is too short for you to be held accountable for helping to make it a better place.

I learned that all men are not created equal, and those age-old aspersions of deicide against the Jews are as alive today as they were 2,000 years ago.

I learned that “The Passion” was in fact made so that “everyone would intimately know the line” from Matthew 27:25: “His blood be upon us and our children,” the cornerstone of the historic blood libel against the Jews.

I learned that a child’s blind honor to a bigoted and racist parent is paramount, and that no wedge will ever be driven between them.

In short, what I learned from Hutton Gibson and his passion was pure, unadulterated, toxic hatred.

Perhaps most importantly, there really was a valuable message that I learned during Gibson’s two-hour tirade: This vicious cycle of generational hate will end only when sons are courageous enough to stand up to the malevolence of their fathers.

Steve Feuerstein is executive producer and host of “Speak Your Piece!,” an investigative social-political talk show that airs Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 p.m. to midnight on WSNR-620 am in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He aired the story of his recent interview on Hutton Gibson and “The Passion” on Feb. 25. A partial transcript is available on

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