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Nazis Flood Saar with Leaflets Urging Action Against Jews

June 25, 1935
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The critical situation of the Jews in the Saar Territory since it was taken over by the Nazis is indicated in extracts from a widely distributed anti-Semitic leaflet which the Manchester Guardian obtained and published.

The Guardian comments that it is “of the type familiar elsewhere in Germany. An open and official anti-Semitic campaign in the Saar would be a violation of the international agreement concluded in favor of those who voted against the return of the Saar to Germany.” The extracts read:

“Do not throw aside these lines, like other propaganda and leaflets! I am not soliciting for my personal advantage, but soliciting and fighting for the existence of your nation! For the nation we acknowledged in an entirely grandiose, world-shaking way on January 13! Certainly our joy in victory and our celebrations are fully justified!


“But you forget in your joy one who is now hiding behind the black-white-red flags and is much worse than French bayonets and British tanks, who is waiting for the moment when we become weak again to destroy us: the Jew!

“Jewish doctors, lawyers, and shop-keepers (steelworkers and miners are not found among this sort of people, as the work is too heavy and unremunerative for them) are continuing to develop their full activities, and you are still giving them your hardly earned pence.

“You are still filling their big shops!

“You, German worker and man, put up with your German wife, your children’s mother, going to a Jewish doctor! And you, thinking you will get justice with Jewish lawyers, find only the deep, yawning money-bag of these race-destroyers, which you help to fill.


“Never forget! That the Jews of the big shops financed separatism and boycotted the German press of the campaign period, that Jews were the friends of Marxist leaders and are still. That the Jews belong to the Lodge whose supreme principle means the utter destruction of State, nation, and Church.

“Never forget your 20,000 Saar dead of the World War! The Lodge has these, too, on its conscience, and at its head is the driving force of the Jew!

“Never forget! Learn to think, and act!


“You must decide, it is a question of the welfare of your nation, your race! Show yourself in this, too, a shining example of the whole Reich! You need only withhold your money from the Jew, and he will be done for. Think of the principle of the Franconian leader Julius Streicher:

“‘No solution of the Jewish question, no salvation of the German nation!’

“Remember that the Jew wins with lies and dies with the truth!

“Hail to our Leader! Hail to our loved Saar homeland.

“Please pass on.”

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