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Neo-nazi Youth Group Spewing Anti-semitic Hatred on Campuses and in Cities

January 14, 1970
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The National Youth Alliance, formed early last spring as a “new right” student group to counter activities of left-wing radicals and black extremists on campuses, is now spewing a neo-Nazi ideology, according to a study in the latest issue of the ADL Bulletin, a publication of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

“The NYA has become a movement of native American fascism,” stated J.Q. Purcell, staff member of ADL’s civil rights division and author of the study. “It is promoting a clearly neo-Nazi ideology. Its ranks, and even its leadership, bulge with white racists and anti-Semites of long repute.” The NYA emerged from the Youth for Wallace” movement.

Purcell noted that part of the NYA’s insidious anti-Semitic propaganda includes the view that there may be a conspiracy to force American boys to die for Israel. He reported that at a rally on the University of California campus called by NYA national organizer Louis T. Byers members of the Iron Cross Motorcycle Club, “at least two of whom were former members of the American Nazi Party,” were official guards at the rally. Purcell quoted one of them saying. “We don’t let any Jew or niggers into the club.”

The study noted that the basic work used by the NYA to arm its members in neo-Nazi ideology is Francis Parker Yockey’s “Imperium.” The book has been described, according to Purcell as a second “Mein Kampf” and “has become the bible of the NYA.” Yockey was active in American and German neo-Nazi circles until his suicide in a San Francisco jail after his arrest on federal charges of passport fraud.

Yockey had labelled Negroes and Jews “parasites” on western civilization and likened anti-Semitism to “the formation of antibodies in the blood stream of human pathology. In both cases, the organism is resisting the alien life,” Purcell noted. The study also reported that at a meeting addressed by Byers, the Horst Wessel Lied, anthem of the Third Reich, was sung. Byers urged NYAers to read the anonymous “Myth of the Six Million,” and expressed the view that “next time the final solution to the Jewish problem will be more efficiently executed.” According to Purcell, the behind-the-scenes chief organizer and financier of the NYA has been Willis Carto, the American publisher of Yockey’s book, “who has expressed open sympathy for Adolph Hitler.” He was guest of honor at an NYA meeting “which had been marked by swastika pins and Nazi songs.”

Purcell stated that the five-man advisory board of the NYA includes Admiral (Ret.) John Crommelin, who has spoken of the “Communist-Jewish conspiracy” and for many years has been a standard bearer of the racist, anti-Semitic National States Rights Party; Gen. Pedro A. del Valle, an activist in numerous anti-Semitic groups including the publishers of Conde McGinley’s “Common Sense”; and Austin J. App, an apologist for German neo-Nazi movements. Richard Cotten, described by Purcell as an anti-Semitic radio propagandist, and Revilo P. Oliver, who has bewailed that the race “called Indo-European or Aryan” was imperiled by those he designated as “alien slime.” round out the luminaries of the NYA advisory board.

“If a native neo-Nazi ‘intellectual’ idea lies at the roots of the NYA, the organization seems nonetheless ready to exploit more elemental and common phenomena – fear and backlash,” Purcell stated. He warned that with the development of NYA on the right and the continuation of the radical left there could be a “dangerous polarization to the far left and far right which could bring about violent confrontations throughout our society and threaten our democratic institutions themselves.”

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