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October 30, 1934
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The peace agreement concluded between the World Zionist Executive and the World Union of Zionist Revisionists is an historic document over which all Zionists throughout the world will rejoice. This new understanding between the Jewish Labor Movement in Palestine and the Revisionists removes the chief obstacles and friction in Eretz Israel, and the work of the constructive regeneration of Palestine can now proceed in harmony and with greater speed.

Both David Ben Gurion, the Laborite member of the World Zionist Executive, and Vladimir Jabotinsky, the president of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists, have displayed true statesmanship in reaching the peace agreement. It is a peace with victory for both sides, especially for Palestine. The Jewish Labor party of Palestine, as the strongest organized group in Jewish Palestine, deserves particular praise for the fine spirit of co-operation demonstrated in the peace instrument, because of the concessions it has made for the sake of peace.


According to the Physicians’ Gazette of Berlin, Dr. Seiler, head of the Medical Association of Duesseldorf, issued a proclamation which typifies Nazism and its methods.

“In the election of August 19,” he writes, “the Maria Hospital of Duesseldorf rejected the Fuehrer and National Socialism by a vote of more than fifty per cent. This election result represents a provocation of the profession, of the city and of the State. The Duesseldorf physicians will try to make good this alien attitude by the strictest boycott of the hospital to the point of economic annihilation.

“I therefore decree that any assignments to the hospital are rigidly forbidden. I will publish in a circular the names of all German physicians who in spite of this prohibition still assign patients to that hospital.”

This proclamation establishes several illuminating points. It reveals that the physicians of the Duesseldorf Hospital rejected Hitler by a vote of more than fifty per cent. It shows to what lengths the Nazi regime is going in its efforts to crush all opposition, “this alien attitude,” and is even resorting “to the strictest boycott of the hospital to the point of economic annihilation. All assignments to the hospital are “rigidly verboten,” and the names of the Christian physicians who assign patients to this hospital will be placed on a black list.

Little by little it is becoming known that the opposition to Hitler was far greater than indicated by the official figures given out after the “plebiscite” endorsing the Reichsfuehrer. The ruthlessness of the Nazi regime is again demonstrated by its policy of vengeance against physicians who dared to say “No” to Hitler. The chief victims are the poor patients who are too ill to concern themselves with politics of any sort.

And finally, this furnishes further evidence that the only boycott “to the point of economic annihilation” the Nazi regime believes in is the boycott which it institutes against others. The Nazis whine and squeal when they feel the effects of the World’s counter-boycott.

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