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October 29, 1934
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I felt a great satisfaction in finding my own ideas so well corroborated in Ludwig Lewisohn’s article “On Inferences of Practice.” Mr. Lewisohn did not wish to commit himself by stating that there has been and there is discrimination against our Jewish students in some institutions in this country. Without mentioning names I can add certain definite facts which were brought to my knowledge. A mother who wished to enter her child in a Brooklyn school was refused only after she had given her name. Another person, an attorney, tried to enter his child in some preparatory school and was also refused. Considering himself a power of importance and influence, the attorney made a point of questioning the authorities of the school. He was asked very plainly why we Jewish people haven’t our own institutions. The fact was emphasized that their institutions are maintained by their own patrons. As far as that is concerned, I could have reminded them that our people also make donations to schools and colleges.

However, all such examples only prove that money does not always solve a situation. Our Rothschild banks and like establishments have not solved the question of discrimination in the past or at the present time. There is no logical reason why our people have no institutions of their own where our Gentile friends could be admitted, as our students are admitted to theirs. It should be a point of self-respect with Jews not to live as guests in this respect in every country.

Mary M. Goldstein.


This is the first time in my life I have ever taken the trouble to write my comments on any article in any paper or magazine, but my heart and thoughts go to the article Mr. Ziff has written, “The Reconquest of Palestine.” This is the first time in my experience I have heard of any one putting forth so concrete a plan that one who is a man and a Jew would give his life to follow. I am ready at any time to fall into line. Perhaps Mr. Ziff can give us a concrete plan to organize, create a leader and groom him for his task, and you would confer on me a great favor if you would let me know immediately if such an organization is in existence or is pending.

Max Lerner.


I have been a constant reader of the Jewish Daily Bulletin ever since it branched out in the enlarged size, and I want to say I have almost always felt that your writers knew their stuff, but this man Ziff’s recent articles were, in my humble judgment, decidedly unfit for publication.

In the first place, I am satisfied he doesn’t know the situation in Palestine intimately enough and, in the second place, his recommendations are puerile.

Alfred P. Itzkowitz.

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