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  • Seth Rogen gets married

    Another nice, funny Jewish boy is off the market. Seth Rogen rang in the new year (lunar, not solar) by marrying his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Miller. The two met while working on Da Ali G Show and she has appeared in some of his films including Superbad and Zac and Miri Make a Porno. Of…

  • Jewish celebrity of the year – who is yours?

    5771 was a good year for the famous Jew types in Hollywood but who do you think had the biggest year?
    Vote in our poll and feel free to submit write-in candidates in the comments.

  • Paul Rudd’s Jersey Shore audition tape

    Last night, Conan O’Brien revealed the secret celebrity audition tapes for Jersey Shore, including that of Paul Rudd and Anne Hathaway. Rudd explained his type to the camera. “I just want to find a nice, hot, juiced, tanned guy and live my life,” he said. Paul, as it turns out that’s exactly what I look…

  • Holy Ghost! has a bar mitzvah. (Sort of.)

    The New York-based pop dance band Holy Ghost! has released a new video for its track “Hold My Breath,” which forgoes traditional live action footage and uses a fast slideshow of photos dating back to band members’ childhoods. In the case of band member Alex Frankel, this means that some of his Jewish coming of…

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses embarrassing moments and bacon food trucks with Chelsea Handler

    Ringer star Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped by Chelsea Handler’s late night talk show to promote her new series and recounted one of her most embarrassing moments ever. Apparently Sarah spied Chelsea in a parking lot and waved to her as though they knew each other, which they did not (at the time at least). Sarah merely recognized the host because, well, she’s famous. I guess Sarah has really lost her inner New Yorker. The way we handle celebrities in NYC is to pretend we didn’t see them while our insides shout “OMG! OMG!” And once they’re out of view, we begin the frantic texting.
    The conversation moved onto food trucks. Apparently Sarah is a fan of the one that only serves bacon products. At this new information, Chelsea deadpanned, “That’s perfect because I’m Jewish.”
    “They have kosher bacon,” Sarah said with a shrug.
    No Sarah, we don’t. I’ve never tried the real thing but I’m assuming that those swizzle sticks Morningstar Farms calls “bacon” aren’t actually representative of the actual product.
    Check out the rest of the interview below.

  • JewTube: 2 Broke Girls

    Was the second time the charm for the freshman CBS sitcom? Over at JTA, who is like a distant, disapproving father to us here at 6 Degrees No Bacon, the type who won’t acknowledge that we exist yet sends us a check every month for expenses (Daddy, why?), 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings debuted…

  • Superman’s mom is Jewish

    Cue the Jewish mother jokes. It has just been reported that Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer will play the mother of the new Superman. [JTA] No, not his sweet, down-to-earth Kansan mother who raised Clark Kent to be the all-around good guy you can take home to your parents. I don’t think any Israeli woman could…

  • Friends With Benefits blooper reel

    Friends with Benefits — you know that other buddy sex romantic comedy that wasn’t the dreadful No Strings Attached — has just released its blooper reel in anticipation of its DVD launch. There is nothing remarkable or remarkably funny in the snippets that have been allowed onto the interwebs (over at Entertainment Weekly’s website) —…

  • JewTube: The Good Wife

    As the fall television season gets underway, we’ll continue to highlight shows that star Jewish actors or use Jews for plot fodder. In the case of the season premiere of The Good Wife, we got both. Lead actress Julianna Margulies, who just won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama, is an MOT (Member…

  • A gathering of the Bergs

    Andy Samberg, best known to me as my future husband once he dumps Joanna Newsom (who even likes the harp? I mean, really), put on the ol’ jeans and hoodie and impersonated our fearless overlord, Mark Zuckerberg, at the F8 conference. It was a real stretch for Samberg to play a curly-haired Jewish looking sort…