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  • Gleðilegt nýtt ár — or why I’m spending Rosh Hashanah in Iceland

    Confused by this blog post’s title? Don’t worry: That’s "happy new year" in Icelandic. Yep — at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning, I’m headed to Iceland — for Rosh Hashanah, of all things. Iceland has no synagogue and no organized Jewish community. The country, which has just over 300,000 residents in total, is estimated to…

  • Retracing Herzl’s footsteps in Europe, Israelis find Diaspora life has much to offer

    Sometimes it takes a Zionist organization to show Israeli Jews that Israel isn’t the only place where Jews have a future.

  • In Budapest, a vast array of exciting Jewish options

    A Hungarian folk singer performs at the open house for Budapest’s Balint Haz community center. (Alex Weisler) In Budapest, the (Kiddush) cup runneth over. I’m used to cities that have one marquee event a year, where Jewish culture is something distinct and separate from a city’s soul. Not so in Budapest. Here, the Jewish Quarter…

  • World Union of Jewish Students creates new collaborative framework

    About 25 Jewish student leaders from around the world drafted the document. (Courtesy of Andrea Gergely) Two weeks ago, I left Chaniotis, Greece, with a bus full of other young travelers — but about 25 Jewish student leaders from around the world stuck around to draft a "statement of principles" for the World Union of…

  • Yad Vashem takes back invitations to Lithuanian officials

    Yad Vashem rescinded invitations to two Lithuanian officials to an annual commemoration of Lithuanian victims of the Holocaust.

  • Lithuanian Jewish community teams up with other minority groups

    The Lithuanian Jewish community has joined with other minority groups — including gays and Roma — in a new human rights coalition.

  • Growing Budapest youth group offers fun, community

    About 60 young Budapest-area Jews converged on the Israeli Cultural Institute Saturday night for a youth group’s fall kick-off party. (Alex Weisler) Five years ago, Hanoar Hatzioni was a long-dormant fixture of Budapest’s Jewish youth group scene — but on Saturday night, more than 60 children came out to celebrate the kick-off of the group’s…

  • For EUJS, plans go far beyond Summer U

    Andrea Gergely, incoming president of the European Union of Jewish Students (Alex Weisler) I was first introduced to the European Union of Jewish Students at Summer U, the raucous week of beach parties the organization holds annually. This year, EUJS based the event in Chaniotis, a small resort town on the Aegean Sea in northern Greece. But…

  • Russian Limmud gathering marks Siege of Leningrad

    Participants in the first St. Petersburg Limmud gathered to remember the 70th anniversary of the Siege of Leningrad.

  • In Sicily, Jews reach out to Inquisition-era forgotten Jews

    A tiny converso community in southern Sicily is drawing the support and attention of the Italian Jewish establishment.