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  • Congress extends visa program for religious workers

    The U.S. Congress extended a visa program for religious workers for three years.

  • Axelrod ‘kvells’ at Jewish inaugural event

    David Axelrod said he came to the Jewish Community Inaugural Reception “to do a little kvelling.”

  • Fred Baron, Edwards fund-raiser, dies

    Fred Baron, a top Jewish fund-raiser for John Edwards, has died.

  • The battle for Congress

    With the polls predicting a big Democratic year, the number of Jewish lawmakers in the U.S. Congress is likely to increase and Jewish GOPers could end up losing a few of their favorite lawmakers.

  • Obama campaign won’t debate RJC reps

    Barack Obama’s campaign has decided that the best way to respond to the Republican Jewish Coalition’s controversial advertisements is to shun the organization.

  • Dems up backing for two Jewish challengers

    The Democratic Party increased its support for two Jewish challengers in U.S. House races.

  • Stern leaves ZOA Washington office

    Sarah Stern, the head of the Zionist Organization of America´s Washington office, has left the group despite the recent passage of the Syria Accountability Act, a major ZOA priority. Stern said the organization often used an acerbic tone when a rese