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  • Fayyad rejects unilateral statehood declaration

    The Palestinian Authority prime minister in a meeting with Jewish Council for Public Affairs leaders said he opposed a Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood.

  • “The Pew and the Bench”

    Non-profit and religious groups cannot endorse political candidates, but they are permitted to endorse and lobby for the confirmation of judges and executive branch officials. Many, though, still steer clear of such nomination battles – which was the subject of Tuesday’s “The Pew and the Bench: A Faith Summit on the Federal Judiciary.” Sponsored by…

  • The War on Chanukah?

    For the last few years, Bill O’Reilly has led a crusade against businesses who use "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" in their stores and advertisements, arguing that by using a more generic term, those businesses are trying to remove Christmas and religion from the public square. Now, in a odd twist on that controversy,…

  • For St. Louis passengers, 70th reunion could be their last

    Seventy years after the SS St. Louis was turned away from the United States, the surviving passengers of the ill-fated voyage may be reuniting for the last time near where their chance at freedom was denied.

  • Tidbits: More on the White House Chanukah party, CLASS Act survives

    The Washington Post splashed the whining about White House Chanukah party invitations on the front page of the Style section Saturday, and speculates that Sarah Silverman could be given an invitation (Mik Moore might be on the list, but Silverman?) Tevi Troy responds to Ira Forman on the Chaunkah controversy. Jonathan Sarna adds some needed…

  • Did group raise funds for Hamas on college campuses?

    A U.S. congressman is the latest to call for a Justice Department investigation into whether a pro-Palestinian group has been raising money on college campuses for Hamas.

  • Jewish groups call for climate change

    Twenty-two Jewish organizations signed on to a call for action on climate change to be presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

  • J Street backs Iran sanctions resolution

    J Street has endorsed congressional legislation imposing sanctions on Iran’s energy industry.

  • J Street backs Iran sanctions resolution (CORRECTED)

    One of the issues that has divided J Street from other pro-Israel groups has been its refusal to back additional sanctions on Iran. That changed Monday, when J Street announced its support for congressional pasage of the Iran Refined Petroleum Act. "J Street has consistently supported President Obama in his efforts to engage Iran diplomatically…

  • J Street’s Chanukah ‘host comittee’*

    Are Sarah Palin, John Hagee, and Mike Huckabee are all going to be celebrating Chanukah with J Street? Not really, but the left-wing pro-Israel organization has been sending around an amusing invitation to its Chanukah Gala Happy Hour on Dec. 16 listing those three — all of whom J Street slammed in the past few…