Oren: U.S. and Israel tight on Iran, appreciates J Street support of sanctions


Israel’s ambassdor to the United States told JTA there is “no daylight” between the U.S. and Israel on the Iran issue, and expressed “appreciation” to J Street for its recent backing of Iran sanctions.

In a short phone interview on Thursday, Michael Oren, who has recently been quoted as critical of the left-wing pro-Israel group, said that he “appreciated" that J Street had "made a statement and supported these efforts" to deter Iran, referring to the group’s press release earlier this week urging Congress to support legislation that would sanction Iran’s energy sector.

Oren also stressed that the stated goal of the United States is identical to the goal of the Jewish state: a total suspension of uranium enrichment by Iran.

"There is a close degree of cooperation with the Obama administration," Oren said. "We have confidence in the president’s leadership on the issue," adding that there have been "better signs" about possible cooperation by previously reluctant Russia and China to join in sanctions.

"We’ll have a better sense of where we stand next month at this time," he said.


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