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  • Lawmakers urge Obama to press Iran harder on nukes

    In the wake of Iran’s recent election, a bipartisan group of congressmen are calling on President Obama to increase pressure on Iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

  • Why we wrote ‘Why Should I Care?’

    One of the co-authors of “Why Should I Care?” says the “living” book was written precisely to make the point that “Never Again” is not a slogan for Jews only.

  • What to put on your seder table

    A quick primer on setting the seder table.

  • Two leaders leave UJC

    Two top professionals at the United Jewish Communities stepped down from their posts this week.

  • Survivors who dared to resist

    Holocaust resistance came in many forms, and defiant survivors are still making themselves heard in their fight to live and die with dignity.

  • Israel to release book labeled ‘incitement

    Israeli authorities will release copies of a book by a U.S. author after they were confiscated as “incitement.”