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  • 10 tips for an accessible Hanukkah party

    Hosting a party where all guests – disabled and not – feel welcome and respected is easy with a little planning.

  • Op-Ed: Play the money card to push rights for disabled

    It’s time to use the power of the purse to stop the discrimination against the disabled, writes the co-founder and director of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Trust.

  • Op-Ed: Leadership means taking the reins — and sharing them

    The organized Jewish community’s professional leaders must do a better job of sharing the reins, says the former head of The Israel Project.

  • Op-Ed: Step up for civil rights treaty for people with disabilities

    Grass-roots help is urgently needed now to have the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities approved by the U.S. Senate, writes the founder and president of Laszlo Strategies and the parent of a child with special needs.

  • Op-Ed: American Jews must regain focus on Middle East

    The American Jewish community has become so mesmerized by events in Cairo that it has stopped doing vitally important work to advance American interests and stability in the Middle East, as well as Israel’s security, writes Israel Project president Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, who offers some ways to refocus.

  • Op-Ed: Israel, like Obama, seeing importance in India ties

    President Obama’s trip to India highlights India’s growing importance to the United States. Similarly, cooperation between India and Israel is expanding, as the importance of each country to the other increases, writes the founder and president of The Israel Project.

  • Op-Ed: Palestinian leaders must foster hope, not hate

    Only when Palestinian leaders foster a culture of hope rather than hate will there be lasting peace for the Palestinians and Israelis, the president of The Israel Project writes.

  • Carter practicing reverse racism

    Jimmy Carter is realizing that there is also a limit to his days on Earth and wants to set the record straight by championing a message that he believes to be egalitarian. In fact, it is just another form of racism.