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  • US immigration policies are straight out of the Bible — the story of Sodom

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Last week, I visited McAllen, Texas, with a group of clergy — including 10 rabbis — to bear witness to the situation on the border, where new policies are forcing the detention and separation of families and the refusal to hear asylum claims from victims of gang and domestic violence. These…

  • AIPAC won’t win back progressives until it faces hard truths about Israel

    (JTA) — At its annual policy conference last week week, AIPAC made a high-profile, widely discussed bid to bring progressives back into the fold. Those efforts revealed that the organization’s leaders understand that their particular brand of Israel politics is losing support — but that they still may not understand why. “The progressive narrative for…

  • ‘Worst fears, best hopes’ for the Trump presidency: Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T’ruah

    Editor’s note: The upset victory by Donald Trump in the 2016 elections stunned a Jewish activist and leadership class that is at times as divided as the electorate at large. JTA asked some of those leaders to describe their concerns and expectations in a series of brief essays, “Worst fears, best hopes,” that will appear regularly between now and Inauguration Day….

  • Anti-BDS law can’t be ‘pro-Israel’ if it tramples on free speech

    This is the first of two contrasting views on an executive order by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that prevents state agencies from doing business with companies that support a boycott of Israeli products. In the second, a law professor who tracks anti-BDS legislation says such laws do not pose a First Amendment problem. NEW YORK (JTA)…

  • Op-Ed: JNF should plant trees, not uproot families

    The Jewish National Fund once and for all must end its practice of evicting families, writes the executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America.

  • Prayer and justice work: the perfect complements

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur may be days to sit in prayer and contemplation, but they also should nourish our justice work and challenge Jews to recommit to these efforts in the year ahead, writes the executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America.

  • Op-Ed: We must talk about the two Jerusalems

    In our passion for Jerusalem, we cannot ignore the fact that there are two cities: that of rich and that of poor, that of peace and that of conflict, that of Jew and that of Arab, writes Rabbi Jill Jacobs of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America.

  • Op-Ed: Embracing public Judaism

    The Fourth of July should inspire American Jews to draw on their religious traditions when engaging in the public square, writes Rabbi Jill Jacobs.