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  • Nazi’s funeral called tribute to anti-Semitism

    The funeral of a former Nazi concentration camp director in Croatia was a tribute to anti-Semitism, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said.

  • Worker wins $735,000 in discrimination suit

    A federal jury in New York awarded a Jewish plaintiff $735,000 in a religious discrimination lawsuit.

  • Obama: Israel will strike if sanctions fail

    Barack Obama reportedly told fellow Democrats that Israel will strike Iran if sanctions fail.

  • Jewish property unhurt in L.A. earthquake

    The Israeli consulate general in Los Angeles was evacuated during an earthquake.

  • Ukrainians honor Jewish singer’s memory

    The late Jewish entertainer Emil Horowitz was honored in the central Ukrainian city of Gaisin.

  • Seeking tribute for a Salvadoran rescuer

    El Salvador is trying to win global recognition for an obscure diplomat whose actions during World War II helped rescue at least 25,000 European Jews from deportation to Nazi death camps.

  • Castro quits, but his policies remain

    The end of Fidel Castro’s political career is not expected to change Cuba’s friendliness toward its Jews – or the state’s antipathy toward Israel.

  • Cheap gas pumps up Venezuela vs. West

    Despite their vast cultural differences, Venezuela and Iran’s leaders are building an alliance to use their countries’ oil wealth to turn world opinion against the United States and its support of Israel.

  • Jews relieved by Chavez defeat

    The defeat of Hugo Chavez’s broad-ranging referendum has eased Jewish fears in Venezuela. Yet many remain fearful about their future in the country and are making plans to leave.

  • Seeing money in the rebbe

    A woman is trying to sell the late Bobover rebbe’s eyeglasses for $350,000.