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  • FSU camps teach U.S. kids old ways

    Increasing numbers of immigrants from the former Soviet Union are eager to pass on their language and heritage to their children, and summer programs in the Old Country seem an effective way to accomplish the goal.

  • ADL urges Kyoto mayor to prevent anti-Semite from speaking

    The Anti-Defamation League appealed to the mayor of Kyoto, Japan to prevent a Holocaust denier from speaking in public.

  • Study: crime rate higher among young olim

    Recent young immigrants to Israel commit a disproportionate share of youth crimes, new statistics reveal.

  • OU launches drive for Sderot

    The Orthodox Union announced two programs to raise money for Sderot residents affected by rocket fire at the city.

  • Looted Nazi art found

    Zurich prosecutors have found several paintings believed to have been looted by the Nazis during World War II.

  • FSU schools facing budget axe

    A feared $1 million slash in the Jewish Agency for Israel’s budget for Jewish schools in the former Soviet Union would seriously impact non-Orthodox educational options, local leaders are saying.

  • Peretz wants Gaza incursion

    Israel’s military actions in the Gaza Strip will continue independent of cross-border Palestinian rocket attacks, Israel’s defense minister said.

  • Alito to address Orthodox

    Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito will address the Orthodox Union.

  • Rabbi: Darfur refugees not Israel’s responsibility

    A noted West Bank rabbi said Israel does not have to take in refugees from the Sudanese genocide.

  • Blair blasts boycott call

    Tony Blair reassured Ehud Olmert over the proposed British boycott of Israeli academia.