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  • Hoover hears a Jew

    Herbert Hoover, president from 1929-1933 (and whose birthday is today), has a few less-than-cheery associations: Hoovertowns, the Great Depression, and his pre-presidency role as head of Food Administration during World War I, which involved food-rationing slogans like “when in doubt, eat potatoes.”. What he probably isn’t known for is involvement with the Jewish community. But…

  • News Shticker: Bibi’s techno remix, Jews on bikes, Duke to Maccabi

    * Jon Scheyer, a Jewish 23-year-old former Duke basketball star, visited Israel last month, where he is joining the Maccabi Tel Aviv team. "There are so many reasons why it’s a great situation," said Scheyer, who is Jewish. "Being in Israel is great; of course, I have a connection to Israel because of my faith…

  • Bloomberg to Muslim leaders: ‘Shalom alaikum’

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accidentally addressed Muslim leaders at a Ramadan gathering with a “Shalom.”

  • Facebook firm on Holocaust denial pages, despite survivors’ letter

    Facebook, citing free speech, has rejected a request by Holocaust survivors to remove some pages that espouse Holocaust denial.

  • After ruinous tornado, rabbis head to Joplin to help

    After a tornado devastated the city of Joplin, Mo., in late May, a flood of rabbis was organized to visit the city every Shabbat to help residents and offer solace and spiritual lift to the tiny Jewish community.

  • Israeli, Jewish groups team to help famine-plagued Somalia

    An Israeli aid group and Canadian Jewish federations are teaming to help ease the famine in Somalia.

  • Aron indicted for Leiby Kletzky’s murder

    A grand jury in New York indicted Levi Aron for the murder of 8-year old Leiby Kletzky.

  • New Square rebbe seeks dismissal of arson suit

    Rabbi David Twersky, the grand rebbe of the Skverer Chasidic sect in the New York village of New Square, has requested the dismissal of a lawsuit implicating him in an arson attack.

  • News Shticker: Cow to Knesset, L.A. freeway eruv, Creole cuisine’s aliyah

    * Shai Hermesh, a Kadima Knesset member, tried to bring a cow into the Israeli Knesset building the other day in order to make a point about dairy imports in the wake of the recent cottage cheese scandal. Sadly the animal didn’t make it too far; a Knesset security guard stopped Hermesh, pointing out that…

  • Leading Egyptian pol calls Holocaust ‘a lie’

    A top official with one of Egypt’s leading secular political parties called the Holocaust “a lie” and Anne Frank’s diary “a fake.”