News Shticker: Cow to Knesset, L.A. freeway eruv, Creole cuisine’s aliyah


* Shai Hermesh, a Kadima Knesset member, tried to bring a cow into the Israeli Knesset building the other day in order to make a point about dairy imports in the wake of the recent cottage cheese scandal. Sadly the animal didn’t make it too far; a Knesset security guard stopped Hermesh, pointing out that the cow did not "have parliamentary immunity." (Haaretz).

* In Los Angeles the expansion of 405 Freeway to 10 lanes is creating challenges for maintaining the area’s eruv. The highway, which acts as a border of the 40-square-feet eruv, is undergoing constant destruction and maintenance. Eruv administration volunteers need to check on the highway almost four times a week. (L.A. Times)

* Four New Orleans chefs — including John Besh, who has appeared on "Top Chef" and has been featured as one of the 10 best new chefs in America by Food & Wine magazine — recently came to an Israeli army base to prepare traditional New Orleans fare for several hundred Israeli soldiers. The chefs were constrained by some unfamiliar kashrut-dictated restrictions but still managed to whip up a four-course Creole meal — and all without shellfish. (Haaretz)

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