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  • Israelis skeptical on Annapolis

    Most Israelis are in favor of the Annapolis peace conference but doubt it will produce diplomatic progress.

  • Israel, P.A. fail to agree on joint statement

    Israel and the Palestinian Authority have failed to agree on a joint statement in advance of next week’s peace summit.

  • Israeli doctor turns spy

    An Israeli army psychiatrist was charged with offering to sell state secrets to Iran and Hamas.

  • Seinfeld visits Israel

    Jerry Seinfeld is visiting Israel.

  • Mahler jailed over Nazi greeting

    Right-wing German extremist Horst Mahler has been jailed for raising his arm in a Nazi salute.

  • Police arrest man in swastika carving case

    German police made an arrest in the case of a teenage girl who had a swastika forcibly carved into her hip by a neo-Nazi gang.

  • Saudis, Lebanese to attend Annapolis

    Saudi Arabia and Lebanon will attend the Annapolis peace conference.

  • Epleman receives honor

    Argentina’s Foreign Ministry honored the executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, Claudio Epleman.

  • Greece to come to summit

    After pressing for an invitation to Annapolis, Greece has been invited to the upcoming peace conference.

  • Move to criminalize Nazi slurs

    New Israeli legislation would punish the use of Nazi symbols to cause offense with three years’ in jail.