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  • Celebrating 350 years of American Jewry

    Events marking the soon-to-be-completed commemoration of 350 years of American Jewish life have been designed to celebrate America itself as much as the Jewish contributions to it.

  • Grass roots get active for Darfur

    A growing number of grass-roots initiatives by Jews around the United States aim to raise awareness about the genocide occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan.

  • Rallies urge Israel not to withdraw

    Opponents of Israel’s upcoming Gaza withdrawal held rallies around the world, calling on the Israeli government to change its plans.

  • School helps Jewish students with autism

    A school for autustic Jewish children, now celebrating its first graduating class, is using an unusual location to help the students and their families feel part of the larger Jewish community.

  • When attorney general speaks, Orthodox listen

    The growing relationship between the Bush administration and the Orthodox Jewish community was underlined when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spoke at the Orthodox Union’s annual dinner.