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  • With flotilla deaths, Turkey may be near tipping point on Israel

    Israel’s raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla of ships, in which four Turks were killed, represents a new nadir in Turkish-Israel ties.

  • Turkey emerging as a wild card on Iran

    As an American-led consensus develops around the need for a new round of sanctions against Iran, Turkey — a U.S. ally and NATO member — is emerging as something of a wild card on the issue.

  • Does anger over Gaza threaten Turkey-Israel ties?

    Turkey’s postponement of a planned military exercise including Israel may not be a new crisis but an indication that Turkey’s changing domestic and foreign policy considerations are redefining the country’s relationship with the Jewish state.

  • Turkey’s harsh criticism of Israel raises questions

    Does Turkey’s harsh criticism of Israel over the Gaza operation jeopardize Israel-Turkey ties and Turkey’s role as Middle East peace broker?

  • Turkey plays Mideast mediator

    Inconceivable only a few years ago, Turkey is strengthening ties with its neighbors while recasting itself in the role of regional mediator. Now Ankara is looking east, not West.

  • Kurds on edge in Turkey

    In a region that 15 years ago saw thousands of people killed and villages destroyed in fighting between Kurdish rebels and Turkish soldiers, the prospect of renewed violence is causing deep concern for safety and Turkish democracy.

  • Turkey blames Jews for genocide bill

    Turkey is blaming Jews for a U.S. congressional committee’s passage of a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide. But U.S. Jewish leaders say Ankara should look in the mirror.

  • Nationalist party tops Swiss elections

    A nationalist party received the highest number of votes ever in Swiss elections.

  • Evangelicals up payments to Iranian olim

    U.S. evangelical Christians are offering Iranian Jews $10,000 per person to immigrate to Israel.

  • Turkish Jews wary of Islam in vote

    Forced to choose between an economically successful Islamic-oriented party and an anti-Western secular party, Turkish Jews are leaning toward the secularists in upcoming parliamentary elections.