Jews + Erotica = Jewrotica. What else?


What constitutes “Jewish erotica,” exactly? Does it need to feature ritual items?  Must the deed take place during a bagel brunch? Does the work just need a Jewish author, or does the sex itself need to be positively spiritual?

The recently launched posits its own answer to this question — by way of naughty stories, thought-provoking essays and steamy confessions.  And as it turns out, there’s plenty that’s unique about a site dedicated entirely to Jewish erotica.  There are irreverent imaginings of biblical figures,I’m-dating-a-non-Jew coming out stories and tales of illicit rabbi-congregant liaisons, to name a few. Some of the pieces explore pushing Judaism’s sexual boundaries, some grapple with deconstructing shame, and still others are simply delightful, old-fashioned smut with a bit of Yiddishe heart.

The idea isn’t so outlandish when you think about it. After all, examples of sex positivity in the Jewish tradition are, well, everywhere.  What other major religion can boast quite so many references to sexual pleasure?

Jewrotica is taking this proud tradition to a contemporary place, with input from its diverse readership, a thoughtful PG, PG-13 and R rating system, and a healthy mix of the reflective, the hilarious, and the downright dirty.

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